10 Rules a Follower Should Review

10 Rules A Follower Should Review

  1. Don’t labor under the delusion that it is the lead who must know how to dance, while the partner has only to follow along as best as possible. To be a popular partner, you must know the steps and be as accomplished a dancer as a lead.
  2. Feel confident in yourself by knowing the dance patterns.
  3. By understanding the lead’s part, you’ll find it simpler to learn yours. The best followers are capable of leading if called upon to do so.
  4. The lead is the leader on the dance floor. Follow the lead at all times. Be ready to move lightly to each step the lead takes, and above all, don’t tell the lead what or how to dance while on the dance floor.
  5. Don’t hinder your partner’s freedom of motion. Develop a long, graceful backward step. The shorter steps will then come naturally and you’ll be able to adjust easily to your partner’s stride.
  6. Always begin dancing on your RIGHT foot. Your first step in most cases will be backwards, though there are exceptions.
  7. Know the proper hand/arm placements. Place your left hand slightly behind your partner’s right shoulder. Let your thumb rest upon the lead’s shoulder to achieve good balance and to follow with extra precision. Don’t lean on, or hang onto your partner. Remain light on you feet.
  8. Never count aloud or glance down at your feet while dancing. This shows a definite lack of self-confidence.
  9. Always be polite and pleasant. If you are a congenial companion, your partner will forgive a few shortcomings in your dancing.

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